So, to give you a bit of background, my name's Em, a designer, business owner and mother of three small children.

My husband and I run a surfboard factory (Open) on the North Cornish coast. We build surfboards by the World's best independent surfboard shapers. We also serve excellent coffee and sell a massive selection of indoor houseplants.

I would always find myself pottering in the factory, working out which plants and pots were the perfect match. For me, the combination that always worked the best was the String of hearts in these pretty little rose, and grey coloured pots. Simple but beautiful. They seemed to be loved by other people too as we couldn't keep them in stock. As soon as they were potted, they would be off out the door with comments like "this will make the perfect gift for my friend", "oh these are my favourite little heart plants" and "it's a thank you for my daughter's teacher". 

It got me thinking that they make a great gift. These characterful little plants pack a punch of sentiment and keep growing when flower bouquets die. They're easy to care for and become a part of your family, your home and your life. So I started sending them to friends and family myself.

However, this was all forming in my mind during a Worldwide pandemic and in the wake of the first lockdown. I was edgy at best, not the best mindset to launch a new business! But I also saw that same unease in lots of my friends and family, and it got me thinking a lot about how much we need each other's love, kindness and support, now more than ever.

To me, kindness is a multiplier. It could be as simple as a smile, a thank you or letting someone cross the road. The more warmth you share, the more you get back and the more the receiver is likely to pass on the love they've felt. 

In the end, the thing that convinced me to bring Little Pots Lots Of Love to life was the thought that it could have some (small) positive effect on peoples wellbeing and in turn, having a positive knock-on effect to the people around them. I liked the idea that we could create a business that encourages people to think a little more about others.

So I had this lovely idea, but how to have an impact? I figured I needed to put my money where my mouth is and build the whole business around the idea of random acts of kindness. And so The String of Kindness was born.

The idea is simple, EVERY DAY of the year, I will be sending out a String of Hearts to one of our follower's nominees. The only rule is that it can't be for a special occasion! I hope that by doing this, we will bring a little joy, warmth and happiness to the receiver (and giver) and that in turn will spread. 

So that's a little about me, my Little pots and how they came to be. It's just me running it; I'd love to hear from you. Your feedback and support are very much appreciated. If you'd like to join in and nominate someone you care about, please click here.

Thank you for reading!

Em x